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Chef Shuffles: George Morrone IN at Cliff House

Ocean Beach: As far as picturesque dining in San Francisco goes, there aren't many places that top the Cliff House, yet in one of the town's great tragedies, the food there has long been forgettable and overpriced. But now, the Scoop reports that none other than George Morrone—the chef who earned four stars at Aqua and Fifth Floor, and was most recently seen tickling the Chronicle food staff's fancy at Fish & Farm—will be the new chef there. Suffice to say, the move should put the oceanside restaurant on the culinary map once again (sidenote: can someone please take a look at Beach Chalet next?). More info on Morrone's new menu and the like as it comes in.
· Morrone takes over kitchen at San Francisco's Cliff House [Chron]
—Photo: Flickr/niallkennedy