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EaterWire: Ubuntu's January Deal, Pollan Pissed Off

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NAPA—From January 2 to January 18, Ubuntu will be offering quite the dinner deal during weekdays before it goes on a two-week break at the end of January: $30 for three courses. The crucial part? Diners can choose from any two dishes on the menu plus any dessert. [EaterWire]

POLLANLAND—As expected, Michael Pollan is none too pleased that the President Elect picked a non-foodie Secretary of Agriculture: "'I was very disappointed in that news conference,' he said, 'not to hear Vilsack use the word 'food' — or 'eaters'''...And so, he said, it's difficult not to see Vilsack's selection as 'agribusiness as usual.'" [NPR via The Food Section]

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