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Taco Truck Wars: El Tonayense Protesting Protesters

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The Mission: Even though it was temporarily shut down after being deemed illegal, the iconic El Tonayense taco truck at the corner of 19th and Harrison is still not backing down. To quickly recap, city laws say that catering trucks are not allowed near schools, and in August, a nutrition committee made a stink that the city should enforce the regulation (see comments). Police even found an alternate location: three blocks away from the school instead of two blocks away. Really.

But the truck has now appealed, arguing it should be grandfathered in because it has been there longer than the school. And like the first time this issue was brought up, there is strong evidence that the vast majority of students don't even eat there:

More teachers than students nosh at El Tonayense, according to Assistant Principal Rick Duber.

“I’m often in the yard by the truck, and very few kids eat there,” Duber said. “It’s kind of expensive for the kids.”

Throw in the the mind-boggling tidbit that only "select" seniors are allowed off campus in the first place, at which point they could go anywhere in the Mission for junk food, or tacos. Sure, El Tonayense could make this all go away by moving around the block, but as someone pointed out earlier, it certainly seems like an overblown mess for a non-issue.

Then again, 2008 was the year of the nanny state for the food industry.
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