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EaterWire: Taco Truck Tidbits, Keller/Achatz Book Update

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THE MISSION—Yesterday, we revisited the silliness currently in the works regarding the El Tonayense taco truck (19th and Harrison) and a nutrition committee. Today, a commenter shares more wisdom about how ridiculous the whole thing is: "Students can go to el Farolito 100 yards from the the entrance. And at lunchtime the ice-cream vendors sell popsicles to students through the fence (I used to work at the school and students would bounce off the walls after lunch from the sugar high.)" [~ESF~]

EATER BOOK CLUB—Both Thomas Keller and Grant Achatz have big holiday cookbooks out, but which is doing better? Here's a look at Keller's Under Pressure vs. Achatz's Alinea: "Keller's moved 6,000 copies to date, while Achatz has sold nearly twice that many with 11,000 off the shelves. Has the student surpassed the master? Or has Alinea's slightly lower price and broader subject matter, coupled with Achatz's tongue- cancer-to-James-Beard-award story line, made it an easier sell?" [VV via ENY]

BREAKTHROUGHS—Beer guru William Brand brings news of a beer innovation: "here’s the big news: Corona Light in cans! It’s true; they sent me a sample and a bit of a commercial: 'Corona Light with only 99 calories and 5 grams of carbohyrdrates, is the number one imported light beer, and the number one imported high-end beer in the U.S.'" [WOT]

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