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Eater Inside: Infusion Lounge

Union Square: In a very special preview edition of Eater Inside, here we have the flashy interior doings of Infusion Lounge. $4.6 million and two years in the making, the place doesn't open officially until New Year's Eve, but it's already been billed as the "most lavish nightclub buildout in city history." Hong Kong's renowned Kinney Chan designed the 6500 square-foot show, which includes fire, water, lots of neon lights, and one very expensive, laser-etched hologram (above) that follows you around the room. Even though part of us expects Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to tumble through the door, there's no doubt that it's a memorable space that shan't be found elsewhere in the city, to say the least. Further reading on Infusion Lounge can be had in the Eater Archives.