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EaterWire: Horatius Details, Bourdain Returns, MORE!

Horatius on the left; CCA on the right.

POTRERO HILL—We mentioned Horatius, the curious market/bistro going in the big space across from the CCA, a few months back. Details are still scarce, but Lady Hopstress has a few more new ones from the owner, and let's just say the project remains ... well, curious: "Horatius will be a Market Gallery featuring rare and gourmet products from local and international vendors as well as a Horatius store brand. Inside the Gallery there will be a bistro which uses some of the products from the Market Gallery." We, for one, cannot wait to see this market gallery. [TH]

TELEVISION—The new season of No Reservations is set to begin on January 5th in Mexico. Grub Street has a preview of the season, and other destinations include Venice, Azores, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and a Jose Andres-inspired visit to DC. [GS]

THE SUNSET—This week, the city is encouraging to make restaurants recycle their grease: "Supervisor Carmen Chu on a merchant walk in the Sunset District encouraged restaurants to sign up for a program to have their kitchen greased collected and recycled. 'It not only saves the businesses the additional cost of having to dispose of that grease, but it helps to save the city in general,' said Chu." SAVE THE CITY! [CBS]