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The Dish: Samovar Opens Branch Number Three

All openings, big and small, get served up on a regular basis by The Dish. Know of a new restaurant or bar that we've missed? Pass along your sightings.

2008_12_samovar.jpgHayes Valley: The neighborhood may have lost Modern Tea earlier this year, but now a third branch of the popular Samovar Tea Lounge is up and running on the edge of Hayes Valley. Directly on the corner of Laguna and Page (alongside the Zen Center), the vibe is similar to the Castro location, and the centerpiece of the room is the tea bar, made from 1200 year-old, 20-foot fallen Marin redwood tree. According to a tipster (and confirmed with a spot check), a lounge area is still forthcoming, but they are open, albeit rolling out softly to get a feel for the neighborhood. 297 Page Street, at Laguna; (415) 861-0303; website [EaterWire]

Samovar Tea Lounge

297 Page Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 415 861 0303 Visit Website