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EaterWire: Noeteca En Route, MSF Holiday Cheer

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And with this, our work is done for the day. A very merry holiday to all; we'll see you back around these parts Friday.

2008_12_lastlaugh.jpgNOE VALLEY—Down on Dolores, a deal has apparently gone down that will see Last Laugh Coffee turn into something called Noeteca. No word on what the newcomer will entail, but a wine bar/enoteca seems like a solid guess. [EaterWire]

THE MISSION—If you missed the first bacon snow go-around, Mission Street Food will be offering a sequel of sorts: Mission Street Food will be "catering" Heeb Magazine's Christmas party at the Make-Out Room (3225 22nd Street, near Mission). In addition to traditional holiday fare like bacon snow, we will also offer home-made matzo nuts (like matzo balls, but testicular), bacon cheeseburger dip, Clammy Mary mix, and other un-kosher noshes." Food is free after the $10 cover. [MSFWire]

SAN DIEGO—At least one waitress is going to have a memorable holiday: "When Julie Jones arrived to work, the restaurant owner, Richard Walker, told her a customer wanted to give her a special tip – ten $100 bills ... The customers who gave her the tip come in once a week on average. They had arranged the gift with the owner a few days ago." [NBC via ELA]

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