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EaterWire: Humphry Slocombe Certified Open, Magnolia Gets a New Chef, JCCSF Karlinsky Update, More!

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THE MISSION—At long last, ice cream master Jake Godby opened up Humphry Slocombe earlier today. We shared the impressive menu of flavors last week, and going forward, the place will be open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 8pm. An early report from a Missionite: "It seems like they're still getting a few things together, but had 10 flavors to offer. [My wife] had Vietnamese Blue Bottle Coffee and said it was deliciously rich. Open till 8 tonight." 2790 Harrison Street, at 24th; (415) 550-6971; website [EaterWire]

THE HAIGHTMagnolia just had a sizable facelift in May, and now executive chef Brandon Jew has left. Taking his place will be his (former) sous chef Ronnie New, a New Orleans native who has cooked at Le Petite Robert, Bar Crudo and Range before coming to Magnolia. [EaterWire]

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—Still slightly delayed is the new contemporary food court on the ground floor of the JCCSF. You'll recall that there are a number of new concepts en route from chef Joanna Karlinsky—Jo-Jo-To-Go, Confections (a full service bakery), Lucky Dawg (an upscale ice cream and frozen yogurt bar); Pressed (hot pressed sandwiches); and Emma Peel's Pizza Pie, to name a few—and now the new date is January 2009. In other words, it's right around the corner, folks. [EaterWire]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—What recession? The ubiquitous Specialty's Bakery chain has kept expanding throughout the year and will continue to do some into 2009: "The San Francisco-based chain has 22 bakery cafes already open and has signed deals for seven more since the beginning of this fiscal year, Oct. 1. For the 2009-2010 fiscal year, it plans to add between 10 and 14 more locations." [BT]

CALIFORNIA—Among the many new laws in the new year are a few notable ones that might affect the restaurant industry. Minimum wage will be increased to $7.25 come July, and more directly, chain restaurants will be required to post calorie counts soon enough, "including total number of calories, grams of carbohydrates and saturated fat and milligrams of sodium." [Times-Herad]

Magnolia Pub and Brewery

1398 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 Visit Website

Humphry Slocombe

1653B Abbot Kinney Boulevard, , CA 90291 (424) 387-8161 Visit Website

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