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Belden Shuffles: Voda Giving Up; Cafe Moving In

Financial District: In the lineup of traditional (if somewhat Disney-like) Italian, French and Spanish eateries that scatter Belden Lane, it's probably safe to suggest that the odd Voda Vodka Lounge has always been woefully out-of-place. Thus, it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that the space will be turning into a cafe called ... Belden Cafe District Grill, according to licenses.

Just as interesting though, is the man behind the overhaul: industry vet Peter Snyderman, currently an owner at Elite Cafe. Before taking over Elite, Snyderman was at places like Bix, Alta Plaza, Harry Denton projects and even Jeremiah Tower's unfortunately-named Speedo 690 restaurant. In any event, even though the Belden strip isn't as shiny as it used to be, it still draws the FiDi crowds and the Voda space is prime real estate, particularly for a project that gels a little better with its surroundings. More details on the cafe as they come in ...

UPDATE: Snyderman tells us that the name of the place will be the District Grill and he's aiming for a mid-April debut.