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EaterWire: Tunstall Out at Orson, Yelp Day Coda

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Got a tidbit for EaterWire? Operators are standing by.

2008_10_orson.jpgSOMA—More personnel moves from Elizabeth Falkner down at Orson: Matt Tunstall, who has been the general manager since the restaurant opened, is no longer working there. No word yet on the departure reason or a possible replacement. [EaterWire]

YELP DAY CODA—Some end notes on the day that wasn't, from the main players involved. Select Mayor Gavin Newsom quote: "Today is not Yelp Day ... There's no reason to do that." Select Jeremy Stoppelman quote: "Wait, does that mean we're not getting a key to the city?!" [City Insider/Yelp]

BAY AREAThomas Keller's book tour for Under Pressure is nearing its conclusion with a few local stops. He'll be in the Ferry Building at Sur La Table at 5pm next Wednesday the 10th, and then will make an appearance at Kepler's Books in Menlo Park at 7:30pm on the 11th. [EaterWire]

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