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EaterWire: Izakaya in Berkeley, Perello's Frances Update

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The sushi bar at Ozumo East [via Yelp]

BERKELEYSpeaking of Ozumo Oakland, the Scoop reports that its chef de cuisine Christian Geideman will be leaving this week to open his own izakaya on San Pablo Avenune: "His plan is to serve house-made soba noodles for lunch, then morph into a yakitori place for dinner. The dinner menu will be all grilled foods - no large plates, no sushi and no noodles - they're for lunch only." [Scoop]

PERELLOLAND—While filing on one of the Melissa Perello Monday dinners at Sebo, 7x7 gets an update on her perpetually-delayed restaurant project, Frances:"She’s waiting until after the New Year, because she knows (as we do, too, sadly) that many restaurants will likely be closing, so many more restaurant spaces will become available." [7x7]

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