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Adventures in Shilling: George's BBQ, Yoppi, More

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It's been far too long since we've rolled out a new edition of Adventures in Shilling, so join us as we celebrate and expose the grossest shills from around the interwebs. As always, you too can help fight shills.

2008_12_georgeshiller.jpgOur first participant is a doozy, and from the looks of things, has been making the rounds, from Chowhound to Yelp. Everyone, please welcome George's BBQ to the fold. They've been quite busy, and have been involved with what could be some epic shilling. Let's take a look at the Yelp reviews first, where a few negative comments have been offset by a rash of first-time reviewers posting five-star reviews over a seven-day period. Some of the more blatant ones:

Wow!! what tasty food!!! My whole family went and even my 4 year old baby licked his fingers to the last bite..... The restaurant was spotless, unlike many other restaurants nearby. Great ambiance, friendly staff, the owner was very friendly as well. Truly a great family place with exceptional pricing. The salads were tasty. As I waited for the fresh ribs to come off the rotisserie I noticed they prepared all the salads from scratch. Not from a package. Very impressed. We will definitely make it our weekly spot.
Shill Probability: on its own, 84%

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there:

Wow! What can I say? Who is talking such negativity about George's BBQ? That's just crazy. This place is awesome. We are so lucky to have this great BBQ on 24th & Mission. We have been waiting for something like this forever. Thank You George for opening such an awesome BBQ ... Your'e making the Mission a better place for dining.
And just for the hell of it, one more from Yelp, in case the first two weren't clear:
First of all I want to congratulate George on his delicious BBQ restaurant!...Now that I have said that the food is great, the chicken is so juicy and tender, they have a great meal combo and lot's of beer's and other drinks to select from. The restaurant it's self is beautiful with a large mural that relaxes you and a large screen TV where you can enjoy sports or your favorite "Novela". Don't take my word for it or other yelper's take the time to support this family own business and make your own choice. I'm sure you won't regret it. Any time you have a chicken emergency George's BBQ on 24th St. is the place to go!
Shill Probability: all together, 98%
Yikes. But it's elsewhere on the web too. Witness a pair of responses to someone's innocent inquiry on Chowhound regarding the opening status of George's. Both have since been (rightly) banned, but please note the punny use of chow:
You're in luck Dave, the long awaited opening of George's BBQ is today at 10:30am!!! Check it out!!!! I guarantee you will not be disappointed!

It opened up today!!!!!! Go CHOW down!!!
Shill Probability: let's boost it up to 99.9%

You see what they did there. Next, we had no idea newspapers ran such positive opinions:
Dear editor,

Something wonderful is happening up in Calistoga! There is now a very special place for everyone, but especially for those of the English persuasion, who like cream teas, bangers and mash, Cornish pasties, sausage rolls and Victoria sponge cake. All of these superbly prepared traditional English goodies I found served in the English Garden Tea Rooms just off the main street in Calistoga ... I want to be sure everyone knows about it so that it can continue serving authentic English teas and treats well into the future and still be there for all my special dates and birthdays celebrations.
Shill Probability: 66.6%

And of course, you know that we have to dip into the froyo wars at least once. From the comments, responding to some less positive sentiments about Yoppi:
I WAS a Yogen fruz fan until yesterday, but I was over it as soon as I tried the stuff at Yoppi today.

Yoppi is great! They have flavors no one else has like pomegranate and apple. Plus they are eco concious and very friendly. They have a bunch of imported sauces glazes too. Its very different from the other places.

A GREAT addition to the neighborhood.
Shill Probability: 93%

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