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EaterWire: Mother's Cookies Saved, New First Crush GM

OAKLAND—Felled by bankruptcy in October, Mother's Cookies won't be doneski after all, kind of. Kellog's has done the lord's work and will acquire all the trademarks and recipes to the beloved pink and white Circus Animal cookies. And then they lived happily ever after? [SE]

UNION SQUARE—A bit of a personnel shuffle has taken place on the floor at First Crush. According to sources, Hal Russek is the new general manager. Previously, he opened Alcatraces in Noe Valley and Gator's Neo-Soul Cafe in San Mateo and was at Enrico’s until it changed hands in 2007. [EaterWire]

'BUCKSWIRE—More news from the Starbucks struggle front. The coffee giants is cutting more than 600 stores, adjusting employee schedules, launching new food/drink gimmicks aren't working for Starbucks: "The coffee giant plans to cut $400 million in costs in 2009 "by doing everything from saving labor to using a single recipe for banana bread, instead of 11." The company's same store sales have gotten worse, and CEO Howard Schultz doesn't see the end of the rainbow. He tells the Wall Street Journal: "We're beating ourselves up every day because we've just never seen numbers like this." [WSJ via Eater La]

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