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Eater Thinkage: The Curious Case of Medici Lounge

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SoMa: One of the more thought-provoking newcomers this fall has been Medici Lounge, the Italian lounge/restaurant on the corner of Ninth and Folsom. After more than a year of plywood, it soft opened in mid-October, a murky state of being that lasted several weeks, until the "official" opening in mid-November. Slightly curious.

And then, earlier this week, a tipster sent along word that just two weeks ago, the entire staff, chef, kitchen, and bar walked out of Medici.

No confirmation is coming from the restaurant (plus the phone was disconnected for most of this week, oddly enough), so we'll keep this one in unsubstantiated rumor folder, for now. Still, more curious. In any event, Medici is back up and running, albeit with a more limited menu. What's more, spot-checks during the week resulted in ghost town status.

So we ask you SoMa people and Medici patrons: what's going on down there? Everything ok? Your thoughts on—or better yet, suggestions for—the neighborhood newcomer off to a bumpy start below in the comments.
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