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Oakland Rising: Big Tunas, Sumos at Ozumo Opening

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Oakland: The town of Oakland threw itself quite the party last night for the opening of Ozumo, and it was much more than just the sumo wrestling you see to the right, via Flickr photog 4horsemen. The street blockade was just part of the spectacle, according to one East Bay correspondent: "...massive tunas filleted on the spot into sashimi, sushi, Robata grilled meat, fountains of fine cold sake and an open bar, there were Sumo wrestlers grappling with each other in a ring set up where traffic usually is along West Grand and Broadway, geishas (faux, of course), Taiko drums and so on." But now the hard part comes for Ozumo East, festivities over. The public opening is slated for tonight. 2251 Broadway, at West Grand Avenue; (510) 286-9866; website
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