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Yelp Day Mess, Cont.

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2008_12_newsomyelp.jpgAnd now, just in case you still care, the real reason that Yelp Day was nixed this year: Prop 8 fallout. After Yelp removed a series of negative reviews on businesses that supported Prop 8, Matthew Goudeau—director of the mayor's Office of Protocol and a "then-frequent user of Yelp"—expressed his dismay to Yelp overlord Jeremy Stoppelman, who replied that Yelp policy deletes reviews if the reviewer has never been to the establishment: "Stoppelman told Goudeau it was akin to somebody opposed to foie gras giving bad reviews to all restaurants that use the controversial pate, even if they'd never dined at the establishments." Agree/disagree? [CI]