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Eater Queries: Is Pomodoro Not a North Beach Chain?

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In the wake of a passing notice in Wednesday's Chronicle food section that Pasta Pomodoro has officially changed its name to Pomodoro at all of its "25 Bay Area restaurants," a reader echoed something we've been wondering about ever since the Red Mango fiasco:

"The North Beach chain ordinance says that franchises with 11 or more locations are a chain and should be banned from North Beach, but what's the deal with Pomodoro? The paper said there are 25 in the Bay Area and I count over a dozen more in LA and Arizona."
We counted over 40 total locations of Pomodoro on their official website, which would put them considerably over the cap of 11, not to mention the 16 current Red Mango locations. Our only guess (a poor one, at that) is that the Union and Columbus location of Pomodoro existed prior to the 2006 ordinance, but that doesn't seem quite right for a number of reasons. As it stands, we're very curious as to the reason behind the acceptance of Pomodoro in North Beach. Anyone with knowledge and/or theories, please do share in the comments.
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