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Reacting to the Charlie Rose Alice Waters Interview

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For some reason, no local food personality polarizes people quite like the first lady of local organica, Ms. Alice Waters. While no one doubts her status as a influential revolutionary in the gastronomic sphere, many worship her as a bohemian goddess and others see her as a glorified elitist. The truth probably lies somewhere in between, but in the wake of the Charlie Rose interview, both sides have arrived in spades in the Rose show comment fields for our amusement and yours. Some dismiss Alice as a "dippy lady" who gives an awkward interview, others question if she even took a trip to the local market to look for elusive February pears, and simply, many applaud her for her work. Our favorite, as it stands, is the following poetic composition about the "dear soul" left by one "Eileen":

yes! yes! yes! so wonderful to see alice waters :: dear soul :: and charlie's bewilderment at the powerful integrity of her message :: education, agriculture, cultural values :: health and happiness :: the children, the future :: and your health too charlie :: a lovely evening :: may it grow :: slow and slow :: breathe :: mangia mangia ! xo
Anyone care to venture a guess as to how many cats Eileen has in her abode? 14? For now, let's just all hope this lovely afternoon grows :: slow and slow.
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