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Resy Scalpers: Sparse V-Day Options on TableXchange SF

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A Tale of Two TableXchanges: New York, on the left; San Francisco, on the right.

If ever there was a time of the year when those mischievous online reservation scalpers—err, brokers—could cash in on their diabolical schemes, it's got to be Valentine's Day. Over in New York, TableXchange, is promoting the hell out of their V-Day options, which got us curious as to the doings of the San Francisco resy scalpers, which have flopped royally thus far. Earlier, we discovered that TablePronto has just about pulled the plug on its experiment. Unfortunately, things aren't looking much better for TableXchange over here either, as there are currently zero reservations for sale, and even more disturbingly, zero of the simply fabulous heart icons. Godspeed, resy scalpers.
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