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Union Street Strip May Get More Restaurants

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The Board of Supervisors is currently considering a proposal that would eliminate a decades-old ruling that prohibits Cow Hollow storefronts from being converted into new restaurants. If it is passed, five new restaurants would be allowed on the Union Street strip that stretches from Van Ness to Steiner. Local merchants want more eateries because food/foot traffic boosts sales, but neighbors—and, interestingly enough, the GGRA—are staunchly opposed:

"On Friday and Saturday nights, parking is impossible, and additional restaurants ain't going to make it any better," neighbor Jack Branning told commissioners. "We don't need more restaurants — we just need better restaurants."

Some residents were worried that a flood of new liquor-licensed restaurants could turn their neighborhood into more of a party zone, according to Alioto-Pier.

The original proposal had the allowed number of new restaurant set at 10 to "reinvigorate the corridor's economy," but that number was negotiated down to five. On those blocks, the restaurant buzz is pretty much isolated to Palmetto, Umami and Betelnut, with the Bacchus Group's new brasserie also en route on that block, so Union has definitely fallen behind Chestnut Street as the area's premier restaurant strip. But does the answer lie with more restaurants?
· New eateries may pop up on Union Street [SFE]

Your thoughts on Union Street in the comments field. Does it need more restaurants?

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