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Plywood/Headhunter Mashup: Zitouna Scours the TL

Opening this Saturday on the corner of Sutter and Polk will be a "North African Bistro" by the name of Zitouna. The owners of the short-lived Cafe Ya-Bon have overhauled the 1201 Sutter Street Tenderloin space (Or are we up in the Tendernob already? Captain Geography?). After discovering that the few hot dishes on the Ya-Bon menu were the best sellers, they made the switch to a restaurant proper, put in a full open kitchen, and to the assured delight of Chowhounds, will churn out authentic Tunisian/Moroccan fare.

Also, they've decided to take the grassroots approach in staffing up the place, by busting out the ol' Sharpie (beats a crayon approach). As to what kind of cooks might be wandering around the Tenderloin looking for a job, ahem, there's at least one roaming about, right?

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