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Black Thursday Aftermath: Denied at Clementine

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In honor of the shitshow that was Valentine's Day, we're sharing war stories from those brave souls who weathered the storm on the night in question, so if you have a horror story, we urge you to drop us a line, and we'll run your experience in full. We welcome the good, the bad and especially the ugly.

2008_02_blackt-1-thumb.jpgSince our inbox isn't overflowing with horror stories from Valentine's Day—did everyone just have a happy-go-lucky time on the town?—we managed to stumble upon some Black Thursday horror stories elsewhere, namely at the haven for horror stories. As luck would have it, one angry Yelper got caught up in the Clementine sneak opening, which was uncertain until roughly 7pm last night, when it was finally ready to open softly in its ascetic form. The timeline: Yelper makes reservation in January, Clementine closes mid-January, Yelper does not realize said closure, chaos ensues on Black Thursday:

K, honestly I'm a really easy going guy, but in light of the recent events that occurred when I tried going to Clementine, I couldn't be more angry and appalled at their complete lack of taste and accommodation ESPECIALLY ON VALENTINES DAY!!!!!
Long story short-I made reservations for Clementine a WHOLE MONTH in advance!!!! It was just to get it out of the way so I didn't have to worry later when Valentine's Day rolled around. They politely called to confirm my reservation-which I did and then today, 4 hours before my reservation, a woman calls to tell me that the power is out and there is nothing they can do to accommodate any reservations tonight!!!


I asked her what she could do for me and all she could say was "I'm sorry"!!!!!!

Does she have any idea how impossible it was to find another restaurant that would be as good? Now I'm eating Chinese with my girlfriend at my house and getting drunk instead-definatly not on French wine though!!!

Screw you Clementine. It's bad form and poor etiquette not to accommodate your customers in some fashion. Im almost positive that woman was lying about the "power going out" and instead wiping the slate clean of any restaurant patrons that used while they changed ownership

Very bad business sense to turn away customers on VALENTINES DAY.

Moral of the story: possible lies or mistruths aside, if the restaurant at which you have Valentine's Day reservations is closed for the month leading up to your special day, you might want to ready for the possibility that things may go awry. Also: multiple exclamation points mean you are very, very upset.
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