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2008_02_mij.jpgFrom a FiDi worker comes word that Made in Japan Teriyaki Experience—the mega-chain really made in Canada—has opened its first SF location on Kearny: "My coworkers and I braved it for lunch and were not impressed. Their whole shtick is that they cook food on teppanyaki tabletop grills in front of you, and that the food is healthy (Live Right, Eat Right! tm). The veggies are great but the meat is cooked in water not oil, and tastes like you think it would taste - boiled meat with some good teriyaki sauce on top ... In short - not a chain I'll be visiting any time in the future. And what's up with the name, anyways - "Made in Japan Teriyaki Experience" - sounds like an amusement park ride!" [Eater Inbox]