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Black Thursday Aftermath: Charming Evening at Le Zinc

In honor of the shitshow that was Valentine's Day, we're sharing war stories from those brave souls who weathered the storm on the night in question, so if you have a horror story, we urge you to drop us a line, and we'll run your experience in full. We welcome the good, the bad and especially the ugly.

2008_02_blackt-1-thumb.jpgKicking off the Black Thursday Aftermath rundown, we have—surprise!—a tale of Valentine's Day dining gone well. We're not quite sure what this recollection of an evening at Le Zinc says about our city compared to the horror stories of New York and Los Angeles, but we'll wait until the horror stories trickle in before we make a full assessment. The players in our first act: Le Zinc in Noe Valley and a couple of lovebirds:

I know that dining out on V-Day is usually an overpriced nightmare, so my girlfriend and I have always just cooked at home that night. Well, this year, we said "Fuck it, let's give it a shot."

We went to Le Zinc, on 24th, and it was great.

Yes, the prix fixe menu was probably overpriced ($50 for 2 courses, $65 for 3). We went with 2 courses each. Split the app (which was huge) and the dessert (also impressive), so it was basically like 3 courses each.

The food was outstanding. Perfectly-sized portions. Great service, despite a completely full house.

With wine, $150 for 2, before tip. Valentine's Day dining, I shall never be afraid of you again.

We know there has to be a counterpoint to this ringing endorsement of Valentine's Day, so let's hear those tales, people. The Black Thursday Aftermath Hotline is officially open.
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