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EaterWire: Firecracker Not Fizzled Yet, Plus News From Civic and Robert Irvine!

THE MISSION—Since the impending arrival of Udupi Palace in the current Firecracker space was announced some weeks back, we've received several reports and inquiries regarding the happenings at 21st and Valencia. Some have wondered if the swap is still happening, since Firecracker has taken down the liquor license notices. It is indeed still taking place, but not until "probably the end of the month." In the meantime, Firecracker wants you to know it is still open, "for the time being," which is really here nor there. [EaterWire Inbox]

CIVIC CENTER—More space swappage: the change of ownership from Soluna to Civic still isn't complete (though it should be by next week), but the latest is that Civic is playing to its Bay Area audience and will be an "organic restaurant with local produce." It will keep Soluna's name for a month or two as it eases in the changes, and then officially change to Civic Bar and Restaurant. [EaterWire, previously]

SOUTH BEACH—The backlash against Food Network star Robert Irvine—who, you'll remember, was accused of massive amounts of fraud earlier in the week—hasn't blown over quite yet: "Even though Robert Irvine may show up as one of the "personalities" on the website of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival, his page is now blank (although Google still has a cached version). Google cache also confirms that Irvine was scheduled to appear in the 'Grand Tasting Village' with Guy Fieri on Saturday, but the current schedule has no mention of him." [Serious Eats]

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