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EaterWire: New Project on Geary, Shooting on the Wharf

The space in question, as seen from Geary. The Gaylord Hotel is behind and to the right.

UNION SQUARE—A new project by the name of Om is in the works in the area that borders the Gaylord Hotel near the corner of Jones and Geary. It is hoped to be a combination indoor/outdoor space, and as seen from the above photo, the outdoor space is quite the environment. Renderings of the upscale restaurant/lounge have booths inside and a fire pit, water fountains and an entire created environment outside. The catch: it needs a conditional use authorization. The zoning district says that commercial properties must be confined to ground level or below-ground. Om's odd space is such that the proposed restaurant encompasses two distinct areas: it's simultaneously on the ground level of the Gaylord Hotel (which is acceptable), but is clearly on the second level from the Geary side (pictured), which is reserved for residential property under zoning laws. The case is set for the Thursday planning commission meeting. [EaterWire]

FISHERMAN'S WHARF—Sure, no one wants to pay the bill at subpar, overpriced wharf restaurants like Joe's Crab Shack, but heavens: "An Oakland man has been arrested for allegedly shooting at two servers who chased him down the street after he and three other diners left a Fisherman's Wharf restaurant without paying, San Francisco police said Monday. Marcel Waldron, 36, was booked Sunday night after he allegedly fired two shots at the servers who were trying to get him to pay his bill at Joe's Crab Shack at 245 Jefferson St." One of the bullets grazed the head of a waitress, but she was not seriously wounded, which is amazing and fortunate, considering she got shot in the head. [Chron]

THE MISSION—Soon to be transformed into Udupi Palace, a shutter date is finally set for Firecracker. The transfer of ownership has been complete, and their last day of business will be this Wednesday, at which point Udupi will take over and commence Indian food battles with Dosa across the street. [EaterWire, previously]

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