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The Dish: Tiziano Tomorrow, Plus Clementine and MORE!

All the latest and greatest openings around town are served up via The Dish. Notice a new debut in your neighborhood recently? The tip line awaits your sightings.

2008_02_tiziano.jpg1) Outer Richmond: Literal last minute delays have hit Tiziano, and the new Italian joint won't be opening tonight, as previously scheduled until this morning. The interior has undergone a semi-facelift, hedging toward the rustic Tuscan theme that now encompasses the former Karamanduka space. Lunch and dinner, starting tomorrow, is the aim, though we're not quite sure how well lunch service will play in the Outer Richmond. Might be a hard sell, especially considering the semi-cursed space, not mention the owners' prior effort is of the kebab variety. 1801 Clement Street, at 19th, (415) 422-0502 [Eater Staff]

2) Inner Richmond: Speaking of wondering how things will play in the Richmond, after some intermittent debuts, the Philippe Gardelle-revamped Clementine opened on Friday, this time apparently for good. Early returns from the weekend report a menu that closely mirrors Chapeau's, a renovation that remains incomplete, a flashy new copper bar, and more changes en route. 126 Clement Street, between Second and Third Aves., (415) 387-0408 [Fuzzy Chef, previously]

3) Pacific Heights: A tipster sends word that also sporting a shiny "Open" sign on its storefront is Tataki, the new sushi restaurant on California Street, just off Divisadero. The small, former Subway space has a traditional Japanese look, and reportedly has the standard sushi offerings which you've known and grown to love. 2815 California Street, between Divisadero & Broderick, (415) 931-1182 [Eater Inbox]

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