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Possible Rebirths: Action Spotted at the Owl Tree

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Downtown dive bar institution the Owl Tree was one of the casualties of the epic dive bar outage of '07, but now it appears that a resurrection just may be imminent. While the Barleycorn is long gone, action—and perhaps more importantly, some new signage—has now been spotted at the Owl Tree. Since it was shuttered with drama in early summer '07, the Owl Tree has been a fantastic mess, both literally and figuratively. But now, a new building permit graces the window and there are appears to be action inside and out (though the sidewalk work could be unrelated). However, the biggest tease that there may be a rebirth in the works: the new signage. And thus we ask: does anyone know anything? Is this a false alarm or is something in the works? Your Owl Tree knowledge to
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