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Top Chef and Sexy Chef: Introducing Ryan Scott

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This, kiddos, is Myth Cafe's Ryan Scott, one of four local contestants on the upcoming season of Top Chef. In the few weeks since the new contestants were announced, Ryan—a chef at Myth Cafe—has already gained some notoriety for a) being the early candidate to play the smug guy that everyone hates, b) curiously moonlighting as a waiter at Pier 23—though we've received word that he quit that job—and now c) this (more-than-) slightly ridiculous video.

This video—whose purpose is lost on us—will likely put a face to a name for many, while perhaps endearing Ryan to others. After all, we hear the man can cook. Of course, his overwhelming smugness factor will also surely give his haters even more fodder. In any event, we definitely agree that he's the frontrunner to play the role of the talented, annoying guy who polarizes the audience.
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