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Eater Inside Sneak Peek: Luce and Bar888

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Here we have a little preview of Luce and Bar888, the restaurant and bar tandem opening tomorrow in the (also new) InterContinental Hotel. Located in 130-seat, blue glass-walled space directly on the corner of Fifth and Howard, the main dining room of Luce is divided into three distinct areas, with grappa specialist Bar888 in the adjacent space, deeper inside the hotel. At Luce, the spacious, subdued vibe is somewhat reminiscent of typical hotel dining, especially when you note the booths in the back, but the decor does add a touch of unique sophistication. The real test for executive chef Dominique Crenn and her team, of course, will be luring the locals to Luce. Bar888 seems to have carved out a nice niche with its grappa angle, but we'll be curious to see if Crenn—who, we're told, is definitely skilled— can create a buzz that reaches beyond the hotel guests.

Further reading on Luce can be here and here; Thrillist has the deets on Bar888.