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Adventures in Prose: Decoding the Daily Candy

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Now, we love Daily Candy as much as (ahem) the next guy, but the following email that arrived in the Eater Inbox late yesterday has brought operations here at Eater HQ to a grinding halt, thanks to a mix of amusement and well, befuddlement. Anyway, the email in question:

thanks for the orson coverage today, attended the great opening last night and it was very much the festive gathering. i think we are in for a real special place to enjoy a cocktail and some fun food, just what south of market needed.

my question, was it just me or was everyone a little puzzled with the opening paragraph from the orson item yesterday in daily candy? i have reread several times and even after attending last night it just does not make sense, am i missing something?

At this point, a glance at the Daily Candy briefing on Orson is only appropriate, so here's the paragraph in question, and for some "context," the following paragraph as well:
You've spent years in therapy working on boundaries. Mom shares only her R-rated sexcapades (even though you're over 17). And the old ball and chain does his business with the door closed (positive reinforcement, people).

Well, get ready to test those hard-won restrictions at Elizabeth Falkner and Sabrina Riddle's hotly anticipated SoMa restaurant, Orson, which starts accepting reservations tomorrow.

Yeah, we're baffled as well, not mention a little creeped out about the part regarding Mom's sexcapades. (Is it the cause or effect of the years in therapy?) Anyone care to decipher? Because we'd love to continue on with our morning.
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