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Fro-Yo Wars: yoCup Swirling Soon in Rincon

Another week, another entrant into the frozen yogurt wars. The city's newest contestant: yoCup, opening in March in the Rincon Center. The good news is that, unlike some other froyo purveyors, the logo (right) isn't a Pinkberry clone; the bad news is that "yoCup" is an awful name, particularly considering the nation is still recovering from 2 girls, 1 cup. No matter, like SoGreen in the Crocker Galleria, yoCup has the luxury of being in a neighborhood with office workers aplenty, which should bode well for business. Bonus froyo fun: the Craigslist ad bills yoCup as "offering a healthy alternative to ice cream by providing our guests with a new twist to frozen yogurt, topped with their choice of healthy fruit and dry ingredients." Wouldn't a "new twist" be not offering fruit and dry toppings? Just sayin'.
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