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Harry's Bar Responsible for the Owl Tree's Resurrection

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We received several responses (and theories) to our query earlier in the week regarding action spotted at shuttered dive bar institution the Owl Tree; lo and behold, it would appear that some answers have been unearthed. From the Eater Inbox comes the following tidbit about the group involved in the resurrection:

i heard that there is a group of young people, 30 somethings, who have gotten together to purchase old dive bars and revitalize them and i have heard they want to recreate the old owl tree. i think i heard it is the same folks who own bruno's but not positive but i also heard they have most of the old owls and plan to reinstall them.
As if a return of the Owl Tree itself wasn't good enough, the old owls themselves are making a comeback too. But wait, there are more details regarding the rebirth, this time, with a bit more facts with which to connect the dots. From the comments field:
Wasn't the liquor license purchased by the folks from Harry's Bar on Fillmore? I've heard that they are trying to 'restore' the bar as best they can (many fixtures were sold off during a cash-strapped period shortly after Bobby's death), but the place needed new electrical, plumbing, etc. Anticipated re-opening was March, so we should expect sometime in June...
Of course, this intel meshes well with the first tip, because the same group owns both Harry's and Bruno's. A call to Harry's resulted in the old "we can't discuss that right now" line, which is just about as good as confirmation in our book.
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