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Plywood Report PlumpJack Edition: Marin's Balboa Cafe

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The next generation of restaurant and bars is chronicled in the Plywood Report. See something new in your neighborhood? Do let us know. Bonus points and a Gavin Newsom bobblehead doll if you include photos. Doll subject to availability.

You didn't think we could take a trip across the bridge to the Land of Tyler Florence without stopping by the newest member of the PlumpJack family, did you? On tap for a fall '08 arrival is the second location of Balboa Cafe; it will take the ground floor space in the quaint 38 Miller Avenue complex (Mill Valley is just so quaint). Not unlike the original Balboa, the corner space is long and narrow; taking a look inside (see shots above), the entire gutted space still appears a ways off. Nonetheless, we frankly can't think of a better, more logical place for the PlumpJack expansion than Mill Valley. After all, the confines of Fillmore Street's Balboa Cafe have pretty much already evolved into a "Marin South" of sorts.

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