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Pre-Plywood Report: Charles Phan's SoMa Grand Project

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Much of the concept—from the cuisine to the name itself—for Charles Phan's upcoming restaurant in the SoMa Grand condo complex is still up in the air, but here's what we do know: it's in the ground floor space of 1085 Mission Street, a complete build-out is required, and several months ago, Phan was rumored to be flirting with an Asian small plates lounge concept. The space, pictured above from inside and out, was originally slated to have the Phan restaurant and a second retailer sharing it, though it's been reported that Phan will now take the whole space. On the other side of the lobby, Estela's Sandwiches has apparently bailed out, says Lady Hopstress. Original ETA for Phan was set at June, but considering the state of things there (i.e., construction hasn't really commenced), we wouldn't be surprised at all to see that date pushed back.
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