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Good News/Bad News: Le P'tit Laurent

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Given the growing popularity of Gialina and the recent opening of Sangha, Glen Park might finally be registering on the city's dining radar. This newfound popularity of Glen Park has been reflected in the sudden, non-sequitur upswing of discussion regarding Le P'tit Laurent. Opened last summer, Laurent Legendre's traditional French bistro sparked Glen Park's commercial transformation in many ways, but now, everyone from the independent weeklies to the Chowhounds are chiming in on the place. Interestingly enough, reviews are all over the map:

Good News, Atmosphere: "One of the drawbacks of the French bistro in America is that America isn't France, and our street scenes don't look French. Glen Park would never be mistaken for the Marais, even at night, but one evening, amid early darkness and the descending scent of winter, I thought I caught a whiff of the 11th arrondissement: blurred streetlamps, a metro station at the corner, pedestrians hurrying home from work up quiet side streets, though not carrying baguettes under their arms." [SFBG]

Good News, Atmosphere: "It was warm, cheerful, and almost comfortable at the bar ... Still, it was much better than nothing, and my Francophile heart was warmed by the setting, which could have been transported whole from Paris." [SF Weekly]

Bad News, Atmosphere: "I would like to clarify that while I enjoyed my two or so meals there, I wouldn't say that I would call my reaction in any way 'glowing'., and don't think I was any way being harsh in my reaction to OPs post. Moreover, the restaurant is much too noisy and crowded to be on my regular rotation." [Chowhound]

Bad News, Service: "On the other side of the velvet curtain, hung to prevent any chill breeze from the street gaining entry, I learned that my presence that night was also unwelcome. The maitre d' insisted, despite my obvious incredulity, that he had no record of the reservation we'd made a week before. I repeated the name and number of our party in disbelief, and he relented somewhat: 'We had you in the book for last night at that time. But when you didn't show up, we gave the table away.'" [SF Weekly]

Ambiguous News, Service: "There is also a pressed-tin ceiling and a service ethic that is French in the best sense: friendly, yes, but knowledgeable and crisp first." [SFBG]

Useless Yelp News: "I haven't eaten here yet, but wanted to report that a new French restaurant has opened in Glen Park. It's great to see additional dining options in Glen Park." [Yelp]

Hopeful News: "I can understand why you wouldn't be back, but in case you change your mind or for the sake of others who might read this review and get the impression it is an expensive restaurant: $160 is way more than I have spent when I have dined there (even ordering wine). They have a three course pre-fixe for $19.95 available every week night until seven: it is a true deal for someone with limited funds, IMO." [Chowhound]

Glen Park people, your thoughts on Le P'tit Laurent are more than welcome in the comments field. [Photo courtesy: Jen Siska/SF Weekly]

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