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Food Media Tiffs: SF Weekly Slams Chronicle, Incorrectly

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Yesterday, the Chronicle took a nostalgic look back at the late Herb's Fine Foods, one of the better greasy spoons of yesteryear and just the latest instance of a changing of the guard. Though the Chron's reaction to Herb's October shuttering is indeed a bit late (and even suspicious), SF Weekly's food honcho Meredith Brody thought much more to be amiss, so she put on her gumshoe cap and took her would-be scandal to (where else?) the blogs:

Was the Chron burning off an old piece by its former staffer Mike Weiss when it published his lament for the closing of Herb's Fine Foods in Noe Valley in its Magazine section on Sunday, February 3rd? At the end of the article, Weiss says that the storefront "is going to be occupied by a breakfast place called Toast," and prophesies that "The coffee?will be better, and the toast will be thick?." Fact-checkers might have changed the future tense, as Toast has been open since September 2006. --Meredith Brody
Memo to Detective Meredith: actually, according to our lil' Plywood Report, the second location of Toast will be opening in the former Herb's Fine Foods space in April (of 2008), so that fact-checker jab may have been a bit unfounded and maybe even ironic. But other than that: spot on, Woodward.
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