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Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar Menus Revealed

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At long last, the restaurants at Kuletoville have released their menus online. A week into the openings of Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar, much of the inevitable early criticism has—rightly or wrongly—centered around the rather steep prices. Truth be told, for the scope of their respective genres (steakhouse and upscale seafood eatery), the prices are fairly standard (value is another debate entirely), though one Eater commenter pointed out yesterday that a burger and fries at the bar costs $35; yikes. Also getting some flack/attention around town is the four percent service charge, though we suspect that has more to do with the grandiose wording—"In order to provide the very best ..."—than the actual charge, which is obviously permeating town. In any event, the menus:
· Epic Roasthouse Lunch [.pdf]
· Epic Roasthouse Dinner [.pdf]
· Waterbar Lunch Menu [.pdf]
· Waterbar Dinner Menu [.pdf]

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