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Good News/Bad News: Sangha

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Welcome back to Good News/Bad News, where we share early opinions of recently-opened restaurants. Your impressions are, of course, very much welcomed as well, either in the comments or straight to Eater Inbox.

Those that complain that the industrial interior of Conduit is too cold for comfort would do well to check out the ultra-minimalist interior of Sangha, Glen Park's new Asian-Latino restaurant. Opened at the end of December, Sangha was a long time (years) in the making, but nervous glances might already be heading towards Ric Lopez's fusion endeavor and that jalapeno corn tempura. Anyway, to the buzz:

Nervous News: "I worry about Sangha. Not because it's not good per se, but since the city isn't often kind to trendy fusion. And few will argue that Glen Park is traditionally better characterized as 'neighborhoody' than 'trendy' ..." [Eater Inbox]

Bad News: "i'm sad to say we won't be back. the very clean, spare look they're going for in design actually came off as very bland, and depressing (other might disagree). they don't even place napkins or silverware on the tables until food arrives, all in the name of that cleanness. but the effect didn't work for us at all ... i think that this place will have a hard time surviving in the newly bustling glen park restaurant scene. the french place, gialina, and chenery park are all far superior, and moki, deep sushi et al, are a five minute drive away." [Chowhound]

Good News: "This is mid-January and I would still consider this to be a work in progress. We went on a Thursday night, feeling kinda at loose ends. In this mindset, the low-key decor worked very well, we immediately felt at ease. The service is very warm and casual, so again, we relax ... the overall experience is very promising—this has all the earmarks of a destination resto with a distinctive signature busting to happen." [Yelp]

Hopeful News/Half Shill: "Ric (the owner) happened to be at the bar tasting new menu items and chatted with us about the ongoing additions to make the space more cozy and not so 'sterile and new' as it has only now been open about 30+days. Look for new sculpture and painting within the next month or so." [Yelp]

Nervous News: Which do you trust more: Yelp or Chowhound?
· The Dish: Sangha, Ric Lopez Sneak Into Glen Park [~ESF~]

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