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EaterWire: Scott Howard on Hiatus, More PlumpJack Exits

JACKSON SQUARE—The big news of the afternoon is the temporary shuttering of a struggling Scott Howard: "Chef-owner Scott Howard says he plans to reopen in four to six weeks with a spruced-up interior that includes a more intimate lounge and a communal table. He will also bring in a new management team so that he can concentrate on the kitchen." The lesson of the story: when in doubt, put in a communal table. [Scoop]

PLUMPJACKLAND—Whoever had the March 2008 under on the next chef departure at PlumpJack Cafe should cash in, as Tyson Greenwood has put in his two weeks notice after just five months, making his exit the third major chef change in less than two years at Newsom's flagship. Neither Greenwood's next move nor his successor is known at this point, though the early word is that PlumpJack Cafe will most likely devolve back into its classic roots. How mayoral. [EaterWire Inbox]

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