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Plywood Update: More Walls, Details For Falkner's Orson

Since we last formally checked in with Elizabeth Falkner's Orson back in the late fall, the build-out is well underway on Fourth Street. The newly-painted exterior now looks presentable, walls are up, and more details—some new, some old—continue to slip out regarding the restaurant. In any event, this is pretty much the pitch around town:

With a large bar, a two-story wine tower and 150 seats situated in a sexy, living room atmosphere, it will feature edgy California cuisine ranging from wood fired pizzas and charcuterie to multiple courses and shared plates that feature her classic level of experimentation and artistry that nods to the science lab without becoming surreal.
Intrigued? The City is notoriously difficult to win over when it comes to anything with the word "science" near it, but Falkner has (justifiably) achieved celebrity chef status and is a local favorite (a private sort of greatness, even). Some interior plywood follows:

Down the pipe: the view from the front door.

Opposite view of the bar area. No sign of a wood-fired oven.
· Elizabeth Falkner's Orson Starts to Gear Up! [~ESF~]