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Eater Inside: Bollyhood Cafe

Jennifer Yin, 2/5/08

The most recent addition to the Baobab family takes a turn from the African tradition and heads to Bollywood in the form of Bollyhood Cafe. Between halfway opening way back in December and then buying the Yelp vote in January, Bollyhood has had an interesting winter. They've slightly reneged on their original Indian tapas concept, shortening the food menu to a few select items (a chef shuffle may have had something to do with this). Of course, the theme is the main attraction, as the two-room space is littered with classic movie posters and the casual vibe is distinctly Bollywood. One room houses the screenings and the other the bar, with a downscale lounge area directly adjacent. Kingfisher's on tap, so the best bet (for now) is probably to grab a cold one and enjoy the show sans dinner.

Further reading on Bollyhood can be found in the Eater Archives, and also at Thrillist, Hyphen and Chowhound.

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