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EaterWire AM Edition: O'Brien Lands With Laiola Boys

SAN FRANCISCO—Since the sale of Myth—and the subsequent release of chef Sean O'Brien—was announced in December, one of the biggest questions looming for the last two months (along with that whole Ron Siegel business) has been O'Brien's next move. Would he stay in the city, go down the Peninsula or opt for something else entirely? Now, 7x7's Sara Deseran has the scoop on the answer: "O'Brien's last day at Myth was last week and Joe Hargrave and Andrew McCormack, the owners of Frisson and Laïola ... wasted not a moment. O'Brien is going to partner with their restaurant group Sprezzatura for a yet-to-be-made-public project. 'In terms of Myth's success, it was too soon to end,' says O'Brien. 'I think it was a wise move on Joe and Andrew's part to realize that and keep the momentum going.'" [Bits + Bites]