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Adventures in Promotions: Waterbar Offers Taxi Driver Drive-By Free Lunch

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With the openings of Waterbar and Epic come and gone, and just when you thought you wouldn't get any further updates from the Rincon front for a while, along comes this ridiculously delectable promotion and crisis management from the desk of Pat Kuleto*:

As you may know, or not, Google maps and mapquest incorrectly show the location of Waterbar and EPIC Roasthouse causing many irate customers to get dropped off by cabs blocks from where the restaurants are.

To help taxi drivers become familiar with the correct location, Waterbar is offering a 'Taxi Driver Drive-By Free Lunch' today, February 5th, from 11 a.m. - 12 p.m.

Taxis that pull up to the curb at Waterbar between 11 - 12 will get a box lunch with a sandwich and some of pastry chef Emily Luchetti's amazing cookies.

A quick search on the Googles reveals that mapping Kuletoville's address(es) brings you to the corner of Broadway and Embarcadero, which we imagine has been making for some great theater. In the unlikely scenario that your driver doesn't learn the way to Kuletoville from this promo, we recommend telling him to go to gigantic 60-feet-tall bow and arrow on the Embarcadero. (Or, you know, actually take it upon yourself to figure out where you're going for dinner.)

So there you have it, all you blog-reading cabbies: one day only, one hour only, free sandwich.
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*Most likely not from Pat Kuleto's actual desk.

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