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Napa Dispatch: Taylor's This Weekend and MORE!

Every once in a while, because its restaurant scene does indeed go beyond one Thomas Keller (sometimes), we're happy to venture north to bring you latest happenings in the ever-evolving Wine Country.

1) As mentioned earlier 'round these parts, the third branch of Taylor's Refresher has had its share of road bumps. Its arrival was originally hoped to coincide with Oxbow's unveiling in mid-December, only to be delayed to January and then February. Now, we have word that the Oxbow location of California's most famous burger joint (yes, we said it) is hoping to open this Saturday, so you know, if you're in the area ... [EaterWire]

2) The new and improved location of Michael Gyetvan’s Pizza Azzurro opened this week just up the street from the old space at 1260 Main Street. Even though the old location is shuttered, the same phone number remains. Gyetvan has said that the new location hasn't changed Pizza Azzurro per se, but rather, allows them to keep up with the growing popularity by expanding "capacity, menu and hours of operation." [EaterWire]

3) Rounding out our little field trip, we have the Bunrab gang reporting from the Fatted Calf, also in Oxbow. An expanded version of the Ferry Building booth, the store just opened last Thursday and looks to be a meat-lovers' wet dream. Not only is there an old-fashioned manual meat slicer, but prepped food is on the way: "They plan to have some tables out front where you will be able to enjoy hot dogs from their grill. They also plan to serve sandwiches in this window-lined meatateria." [Daily Feed]

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