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Alice Waters on Charlie Rose, With Pears and Radishes

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Last night, none other than Alice Waters appeared on Charlie Rose. Looking especially regal in the interview, Waters not only gives the usual rundown of her agenda—Slow Food, Edible Schoolyards, her book, how great Gavin Newsom is—but also has some candid moments (despite that odd accent of hers; has anyone else wondered about this?). In addition to providing a delightful mise-en-scene of pears and radishes, she admits that she hasn't cooked at Chez Panisse in 24 years, criticizes New York for not having adequate pears, fondles said inadequate pears throughout the interview, and at the end, is endearingly mortified when Rose reveals the gifts she brought to him. Our favorite quotes from the interview:

On the morality of eating: "When people eat fast food, you're not just eating the food that's not good for you, you're eating the values of fast, cheap and easy and that's how you're living your life. so I'm trying to bring people to the ideas of slow food [crosses arms satisfactorily, pauses, looks at Rose, readies her pick-up line] ... do you know about slow food?"

On the high cost of eating slow(ly): "You pay up front or you pay out back."

On charges of being out of touch: "We need a president who is like President Kennedy."

On the difficulty of getting a table at Chez Panisse: "You can always get in."
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