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The Joys of Luisa: Vinoteca to Test Marina's Wine Bar Love

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If there was ever a can't-miss proposition for the Marina and its gentrified post-college/ cougar mashup crowds, it's making a wine bar work, or at least one would think. Enter Luisa Hanson's Vinoteca, or as it's now advertising itself, "La Vinoteca." As you can tell from the above shot, the wine bar is still in the plywood phase. Nonetheless, La Hanson has already taken the liberty of posting a menu on the storefront, and well, let's just say it's going to test the limits of wine bar popularity in and around Cow Hollow. As best we can tell, the menu is basically just a list of appetizers from a faux-Italian joint (like Luisa's down the block), and we're going to venture a guess that, in a town where there's a wine bar on every corner, this might be the only one where you'll be able to nab "three large homemade meatballs in special tomato sauce" and wash it down with a prosciutto, arugula and vodka sauce calzone.

The exterior of 1785 Union Street. Note the menu in the window.

A close-up of the window, because nothing says wine bar like meat cannellone.

And the pizza and calzone section. Also posted on the window but not pictured: several gourmet sandwiches, including "turkey."
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