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Eater Headhunter: Asia de Cuba Has Thesaurus, Will Use It

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2008_02_asiadecuba.jpgAn industry job hunter brings word that Asia de Cuba is looking for, um, "a Full-Time Reserations position." As pointed out by our tipster, one section of the ad in particular showcases a certain ... fondness for adjectives and their various, glorious synonyms:

Essential Elements:
· Electrify people around you.
· Effervescent.
· Experience driven.
· Gracious--You are kind, refined, considerate, caring, pleasant, and charming.
· Attentive--You "own" the guest, are detailed, in the moment, focused, and precise.
· Authentic--You are honest and you mean it.
· Fun--Energetic and whimsical.
· Friendly--Engaging and concerned.
· Accountable.
· Original--Thinks outside the box.
There you have it, kids: if you happen to be gracious, kind, refined, considerate, caring, pleasant and charming, Jeffrey Chodorow wants you (but only if you're honest and you mean it).
· Reservations - Asia de Cuba (downtown / civic / van ness) [Craigslist]

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