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Plywood Report: Medici Lounge, RN74, Miss Saigon, More!

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Welcome back to the Plywood Report, your regular, all-encompassing look at the next generation of restaurants to grace San Francisco. See some plywood going up in your neighborhood? Do let us know; bonus points if you include photos.

1) SoMa: The transformation of the old Shadow Lounge continues at the picturesque corner of Ninth and Folsom, future home of the Medici Lounge. The Cal-Ital shareable plates concept lounge is a bit behind schedule (original opening was set for January), but the good news is that a "Danger" sign really deters the homeless from using the doorway. [PLYWOOD]

2) Bonus SoMa: Via Curbed comes news that the Millennium Tower topped off today, which can only mean that we're one step closer to Michael Mina and Rajat Parr's RN74. You'll recall that the Avroko-designed RN74 is going in the ground floor space of the 60-story building, but is still at least a year away. Still, baby steps. [Curbed SF]


3) The Mission: From a tipster comes the above shot of El Toro erected brand new signage. The taqueria holding down the prime real estate corner of Valencia and 17th has been shuttered for months during its remodeling, but with a fresh (and bright!) paint job, it looks like a reopening is very imminent. [Eater Inbox]

4) Polk Gulch: Quoth a tipster: "I'm not sure if this qualifies for the Plywood report, but it looks like Hahn's Hibachi on Polk has finished its expansion into the phone store. The plywood looks ready to come off and there's a new facade for the entire front." [Eater Inbox]


5) SoMa: The award for quickest rebranding goes to the corner of Sixth and Mission, where the plywood posters have been swapped from the neon greens of Lemongrass to the bold reds of Miss Saigon, pictured. We have no idea what the name change implies (likely nothing), but we too would have opted for Miss Saigon over Lemongrass. More operatic, no? [PLYWOOD]

As always, further plywood sightings and ponderings are welcome at


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